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Oh my, my, my lovely life!! I’ve been on the road spreading love through raw food creations for more than a month and in two different countries and I feel absolutely blessed to be home in Venice, California. I’m super excited to jump back into life and to promote raw vibrant living foods! I mean, could I ask for a better life? I get to introduce people to something healthy and delicious, to open eyes, to awaken the soul and to help people heal!!!

My beautiful flow continues with the opportunity to reach people locally here in Santa Monica this weekend at the Market at Santa Monica Place. Please come visit me at 2:30pm. I’ll be doing a demo and showing how to make a quick, simple kale salad.. and a lovely raw cacao mousse!! I’m also giving away a free personal raw food class for those in attendance!!! Please check the flyer for more information!!! This Saturday at Santa Monica Place. The demo is in conjunction with the Grand Opening of the Gourmandise School of Savory and Sweets!!!! My how times are changing… you can come take raw food classes from me.. and do a little shop therapy!!!

Love, love, LOVE this life!! Click below for the details of my demo & directions!!!


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Celebrating with Miyumi

Shizouka is one of those cities off the beaten tourist track, but I’m not here to sight see – although I did take an afternoon to go stare at Mt. Fuji (see my “Au Naturel” blog kirstengum.com). I’m here to teach a class for my student and friend Miyumi. Miyumi has a food studio called “Anne Duex”

Food Studio, Shizouka, Japan

where she regularly teaches raw and vegetarian cooking courses. It’s named after her nickname “Anne” which I refused to call her and her cute little pup named “Duex”. Talk about a great facility, this woman has really put some time, effort and money into her studio. A commercial kitchen with two big stainless steal working tables and a cute little reception area. She’s also planning on opening up her own raw food restaurant in Shizouka some time in the spring.

I felt like I was in heaven. Truly I wish I owned a facility like this to teach classes in every week, no

Fantastic Studio to teach in!

more lugging all my ingredients to random places.. just bring the students here – it’s awesome and I’m completely jealous and happy for her at the same time. Miyumi and I decided not to do a dessert course but a recipe quick and easy – and of course healthy. She had a potluck party planned after my demonstration. When we arrived she had two assistants there to help me get prepped… what? help? I’m in heaven!! Students started arriving early so they could prep their own creations for the party.

I taught them (more…)

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IMG_4459So today was a test like no other — to cater a gourmet lunch for the public. Yes, a paid gig – not that we see the money. Our payment is in the experience. It was a huge hit. I may be weird because I love this kind of thing. To me, it’s just like working in television. It’s a production and has to be treated like a production. You need everyone to have their “game faces” on. Every item needs to be double checked, every dish scrutinized before heading out to a table. And you have to be right on time. A wise friend told me a very long time ago when I was just starting out in TV.. when you appear in front of a group, you must own it, make it all yours. That’s what me and my fellow chefs did. We owned it. Not just in the amazing food we made them, but in the presentation, the explanation, the table settings, the menus… we were like rock stars in our own head. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t all that. But after spending three days preparing the 4 course meal with every ounce of love we had, it was a pleasure to see the smiles form throughout the room. I was in charge of the dessert. My friend Sydney and I had spent hours delicately putting each layer together. A lovely apple and walnut Baklava. Cutting it without it falling IMG_4498apart took a steady hand. I just kept saying to ¬†myself, I do this with love. I want to infuse this blessed dessert with all the love I can — and oh yeah universe can you please keep all the layers together? Please, pretty please let this knife slice right through it with ease. Please let the apples all stay in line. Lot’s of concentration – but it was worth it. The crowd loved it and I have to say (more…)

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