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Teaching Raw Food in Japan

It’s early, the morning after I arrived and I’ve got no time to adjust to the time change, there’s work to do. My first raw food class is tomorrow and I will be teaching a 5 course raw meal for the holidays, complete with table settings and such. If you know anything about raw food, there can be ample prep time involved, especially when you are teaching – which means you basically make some things twice so students can see the finished product (which at times takes days in the dehydrator). I gave Masae and Makiko the recipes for

Having a Raw Food Lunch in Tokyo

the meal ahead of time so they could buy ingredients. That was actually a chore because my original menu included some ingredients they simply can’t get here in Japan and I simply couldn’t bring over with me. I brought one entire suitcase filled with certain dried ingredients and equipment and other decorations… but as with anything, you need to adapt.. and quickly.

The apartment was already stocked with fresh fruits and greens for breakfast – you gotta love when you are coming to a new country and your (more…)


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