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It’s been a whirlwind week in North Carolina but with amazing experiences and  outcomes. I met so many fabulous like-minded people as I drove the

Teaching an "Experience Raw" class in Cary, NC

state teaching raw food classes – it solidifies my belief that raw food will help us succeed on this planet. I know it sounds so big picture, but that is the way I have to think these days. With some very detrimental months and years approaching where – well life could go any which

Kirsten given Raw in North Carolina

way…. I have to keep the bigger soulful journey as priority number one!

I remember when Jan said she wanted me to come back from Ecuador and that we should tour, North Carolina came jumping to mind. It was my decision to spread the word here. North Carolina will always hold a special place in my heart. I lived in Charlotte for 3 very big years, which brought a lot of change. Big lessons, life lessons. It’s also the place where I first felt I had my community. It’s more of a feeling than an actual location.

I arrived in Charlotte in such style, I couldn’t have dreamed it up myself. Just so happens my really close goddess friend Lori lives in Washington DC and was traveling to Charlotte for the weekend with her family. So from New York City, I caught the Amtrak down to DC and spent a few days hanging out with my gal and her spicy little girl and extremely cool husband. I love those places where I can just melt into someone else’s life, be mommied and I have such great friends who help me balance and slow down, smell the roses, play with their kids, remember what really counts in this world. If you didn’t know it by now, I’m a huge fan of public transportation. Trains are so super smooth, convenient, roomy and quick. I remember being in Japan and riding the bullet train for the first time – wow, that is the way to go. Japan has really paid attention to their public transportation and it is paying off. We on the other hand, at least in the west, haven’t experienced the sheer bliss of

My Soul Sista Kelly and her son

rapid transportation where you can safely multi-task. Europe, wow they have it down too.

It was such a new experience for me traveling with a family on the go. At one time I think both Peter and Lori were on the phone, their daughter was in the back watching a movie on the computer and I had headphones in.  Sure isn’t like they used to do it, playing eye-spy along the road, the ABC game and other made-up time consumers. I was excited to spend time with them all. They are my family and they were taking me to my other family, depositing me at the door of Kelly and Bill and offspring ☺ And two of my favorite sisters were going to meet, kids running all around, a whirlwind of energy as I landed on Willow Oak drive. Lots of hugs and a big sigh – I was back, back to familiar. There’s a different feeling when you return to a place you used to live. I knew the street names and directions. It felt like  nothing had changed.. but everything had changed. It was my first introduction to the newest member of their family – he’s already 3 years old. I couldn’t believe I was meeting him for the first time. I had seen so many pictures of  him, the latest – when he decided he was going to ride his bike – and so he did.  I had the best time hanging with the kids, watching their sleepy rises  every morning, they’re reading time before bed but after bath and the various appointments and practices through the day.  It took know time to get into the swing of things. It’s vital to have friends that allow for you to be fully into it when you are present, but that are ok with weeks of no communication when you are gone. That’s what good friends do for seeking Sagittarius like myself! Then when the reading time was over, Kelly, Bill and I could congregate in the living room with a few cool brewskies and discuss what’s going on in the world and how our opinions have changed the older we get. It felt so familiar like old times, but truly in a new exciting way.

Charlotte was my home base for the raw food classes in North Carolina.. but I spent a good portion

Spreading the Raw Love in the South

of time driving the state. It’s nice for me to drive alone, good time to think. And since I haven’t owned a car for two years and don’t drive in Ecuador, it’s was kind of nice being at the wheel.

First a lovely class in Winston-Salem. Meghan and Noel of New Planet Yoga http://www.newplanetyoga.com/were so lovely. Their studio is very zen with hard wood floors, lots of light and warm colors. They are energetic and present and we could have talked the night away. The group got very active in class – which is how I like it. I truly think they all will follow through with incorporating some of the recipes. I receive one of my biggest compliments. One client called me the food whisperer! She said that she could feel my connection and energy with the food. One of the biggest parts of my class is the re-introduction to food and the wonderful ways to  use natural ingredients for raw creations.



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Daiutsu of Kamakura, Japan

I’m out of Tokyo. While it was good fun, I started to feel a little claustrophobic. There are billions of people living in a very small area… and in complete harmony no less. All the concrete was bringing me down, so heading to Kamakura came at the perfect time. Masae helped me through the massive subway system to Shinguku station, one of the busiest places in Tokyo. This station is not only subway but the major hub for al

I have no idea where we are!

l the trains heading out of Tokyo in just about every direction. We had all my gear with us which consisted of two large carry-ons  and a big ass suitcase. I’m not sure how many ups and downs we did in the station but it seemed like overkill to me to get to our track and I was so glad to have my friend at my side. I have lived in New York and am really versed in trains and subway.. but this station was complete sensory overload way too early in the morning.
My train ride wasn’t on the bullet train as I had hoped, instead I took a local train which was much like a subway car.. a full one. For the first 20 minutes I had to stand in a corner hovering over my bags as we weaved through the outskirts of the city. Then it cleared out. I had about a two hour ride south to the town of Kamakura, famous for its’ Daibutsu.. the “big budda” shrine. It’s just south of Tokyo and on a sweet little bay. It’s also known as a big

Look mom, I'm famous in Japan!

surf town get away, although it’s winter and there’s no way I would get in the water at the moment. I was coming to town a day before my class to do some sight seeing and to shop for ingredients. Sachiko, a student I know from both LA and Tokyo classes, was my host and I was honored to teach her students on Christmas day.
She picked me up at the train station, we hopped into her car and turned up the music. Sachiko is a young 25, a little hottie

Lunch with my friends in Kamakura, Japan

hipster who is just starting out in her career as a raw foodie. Her energy was a welcomed change and I fed off her playful and flirty ways. Her English is not great but we found a way to hold conversation non-stop trading names in our native languages. At our first stop – a health food store in the middle of the center of town, she had a little surprise… my very own (more…)

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hard at work

hard at work

Have you ever planned a sweet dinner party and actually sat down and planned out what you were going to make? I mean to the tee, like how many tablespoon of filling goes into each gyoza? I hadn’t before attending RAW food school in Ft. Bragg last fall. Now my days are filled with the opportunity to get as creative – anal as i want to. It’s another eye opening day at Living Light. We are working on Spa Cuisine, which basically means say good bye to all those good fats we eat so much of as raw foodies. Don’t get me wrong, they are the best fats for you BUT as I discussed after my   croissant incident. Did I tell you I also had a “quichey” looking thing. I cringed to think if I just openly ate eggs in about a year. Yuck, no wonder it made me feel ill. I digress. Obviously when you visit a spa, you don’t want to feel heavy or eat heavy or feel guilty about months of eating unhealthy. So you’ll always choose the light and fresh, especially if there’s a light dessert right? So the challenge today was to plan our first menu together trying to cut fat down to 30% on the menu. Most meals these days are more like 60% fat, so that’s quite a big number to get ride of. Now, if you’re a chef, or a rawdie, you realized immensly how important fats are to bringing out the flavor in a recipe. It can boost or mellow, thicken, fill.. and it lingers the longest in your mouth. Now get rid of that yumminess and scale down your pantry. it’s time to get very light in our creations. Absolutely eye opening what our groups came up with. The menu was Asian Fusion and the goal was to have most

Tropical Dessert Gyoza

Tropical Dessert Gyoza



things fat free – without losing flavor of course. Everyone’s was great but none of us got it exactly right the first time. Rarely does that happen. Some needed tweeking. See that’s what i love about menu planning and recipe development. When you experience raw, it’s from every angle. Taste, texture, nutrients, colors, combinations, creations with unlimited possibilities, twists and flares. It’s so fun. I dig being a raw food chef. Truly love the exploration into culinary health.

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DSC_5823Ok, I just had a croissant. It’s been at least a year or so since I tasted the buttery, doughy goodness. It was fabulous. I couldn’t stop eating it. My plan was to only have half… but then it was melting in my mouth, my mind was yelling no, my devilish sweet tooth side was screaming “yes!!!”. I ate the whole thing. Do I beat myself up the rest of the day? Well, that remains to be seen. I’m pretty good at the guilt trip, especially when I’m in one of my “gotta get disciplined” mode. I think I will just counter act it and eat an apple now. Once it’s past your lips (more…)

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Baking up a storm in the kitchen

Baking up a storm in the kitchen

Hey everybody! I’m working feverishly to get my new RAW website up ExperienceRAW.com. In the meantime, you can get all sorts of good information about what it’s like to live a RAW lifestyle right here on my blog. No, I’m not 100% but I try to eat at least 75% RAW.. the rest is a high plant based diet. Well, except for my addiction to cheese which I’m slowly getting a hold of. Don’t eat meat, no chicken and every once in a while I will suck down some sushi. Yes, it’s part health reasons. Yes, it’s part ethical reasons. Yes, it’s fully about feeling fantastic and treating my body and the planet right! Stay tune for good times, great advice, and lots of lovely recipes! Big hugs to all of you. You are about to make one of the most important changes to your health!!!

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