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Loving the colorul life of Peru

I’m not sure how many of you realize but I now live in Cuzco, Peru for a couple months.  still have my community in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, don’t you worry.. but felt a calling to Cuzco as soon as I arrived in Ecuador, so I packed my Vitamix and dehydrator and hopped a bus!

Vegetarians Rock!

The food here has impressed me many times over. For one, there are at least a dozen vegetarian restaurants and because most cater to toursits, most have at least one or two vegetarian options. I consider it completely progressive for South America… and the food is good vegetarian, or at least the handful of restaurants I tried. It’s been tough for a foodie like me. On one hand I want to save money and create recipes at the hostel I’m staying at.. BUT I also need inspiration so going out for a meal is important in the

San Pedro Market, Cuzco

whole scheme of things. Right now I’m really focusing on sauces and experimenting with ingredients I’ve never even heard of – but suddenly fell in love with. One of the biggest eye openers is the herb huaycatay. It looks like a pot plant with pot leaves but has this

Lots of Corn in Peruvian Dishes

sweet, mellow perfumy taste distinct on its own. It’s safe to say I got the Sisho cursh. When I went to Japan two flavors stood out to me, shiso.. which is a green or purple herb, most closely related to mint but sooooo not. The other was Yuzu.. which is a citrus taste, somewhere between a lemon and a grapefruit… but super distinct. I almost tried to smuggle in fresh Yuzu back into the country.. until a friend promised to send me some dried – love it!!

Now I’m having a totally crush on huacatay. Today I made a dessert using it and past it around to the 6 Peruvians, or Cuscennas as they call them here in Cuzco, to try. The all loved the dessert. One

Creating raw dishes in Peru

thing I find here in Peru is that they do have spice, they do have flavor and combinations that are good and (more…)

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I finally – by popular demand – started some raw food classes down here in Vilcabamba. It’s such a sweet and conscious minded community, I

The gang right on task!

am honored to be helping these lovely individuals learn some new skills on their way to optimum health.

Word started getting around town that I was a gourmet raw food chef. Actually I think it was catering the Raw Food World Conference that helped introduce Jan and I to the ex-pat and Ecuadorian community. Once they tasted what we can do, they are ready to listen and learn… one of those idealistic times to teach. I decided a 4-class series would be a good introduction.. and I wanted them to be a celebration, so Friday evening, it was “Raw and Ready” time. Although I have non of my own yet, children are of utmost importance to me. I want to teach them and hopefully change the bad pattern that’s happening all over the world. Children today are a product of the knowledge we grew up on. We thought we were doing right, we thought we could trust that great information was getting past onto us. I now know that wasn’t so.. and still isn’t. If I’ve learned anything on my journey toward optimum health, it’s been think for yourself. Read and investigate all you can, then experiment and settle somewhat on an opinion, with full rights to change at any moment in time. I made sure my clients know that children always come free.  I had many of my friends bring

Casiopia was the best roller in the class

their Ecuadorian friends and employees too. My Spanish is not so good.. but I appreciate the

Fernanda & little bold Amar.. the youngest raw student

challenge and they appreciate my effort. It’s been a couple weeks now worth of classes and I look forward to every one of  them. What a fantastic set of energy that lands in the house every Friday night. All happy, open and loving. Our first week was a quick introduction where I taught my personal favorite breakfast.. a green drink extra-ordinaire. My motto is stick everything and anything you can in your mouth at all times of the day. Seriously, it’s the color of the milenium! It’s the only way to optimum health. I also taught them wonderful nut milk, kale salad and some other goodies.

The next week  I met guests with  challenge of  stuffed mushrooms, wraps and sushi. I honestly only believe in hands-on when it comes to raw food prep. The entire experience is one of texture, feel and balance. Although many people are aware and LOVE wraps, those rice papers and nori sheets can be intimidating and difficult without proper instruction. This is one of the classes I find (more…)

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A home with a view

Yes, it’s been a while since I found time to sit and catch you all up on my life. Whirlwind is a good description. I like staying busy, but it cracks me up when it comes in fully concentrated bursts of demands, schedules and projects!! Wonderful observations – no complaints!

So 2010 started off with a new home and new country for me. I’ve moved down to Ecuador to get me and my business partner’s raw food health retreat up and running. You must come check it out! The website is rawtrips.com – it’s not completely finished (because I’m doing it myself – first timer) but will soon be updated and spruced up. I’m absolutely thrilled with this opportunity to help heal.. and do it in a relaxed and blissful manner. Jan bought land in Ecuador many years ago with the dream of (more…)

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Getting "Thieves" I-VI never thought there would be a day when my friend would ask me to go get an I-V with her and I would jump at the chance! I’m always up for new adventures of all sorts. My friend Jan and I are in Ecuador on sort of an exploratory journey. We are finalizing logistics before we start our healthy retreats in the spring (rawtrips.com). That’s our primary reason for being down here, although our schedule was wide open just in case something came along we couldn’t pass up. My friend Jan has been a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils for 14 years now. The company just happens to have a farm and a clinic in Ecuador – adding already to their farms in France, Idaho and Utah. So when we were invited to come visit Guayaquil, we jumped at the chance!downtown Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and sits on the southwest side of the country. It’ s a huge port city and the main place of imports/exports.. the economic powerhouse if you will.  we weren’t expecting a whole lot of beauty since it’s been traditionally loud, dangerous, and chaotic. It really is not as bad as everyone made it out to be. It’s a big city and you have to be aware of your surroundings but I would say LA & New York are still moreLa Pena Neighborhood, Guayaquil, Ecuador dangerous. To be fair, the city has done an incredible job of renovating their riverside called Malecon – still it reminded me of being in Orlando – way to Americanized for me, too new, no character. It is however the safest Celebrating 444 steps in La Pena, Guayaquil, Ecuadorplace to be in a city known for it’s crime. Jan’s friend had suggested a hostal for us to stay at near Malecon and one which served vegetarian food, always a plus in our book! I can’t remember the name right now, but I will find my notes because it’s a good deal with good food. I believe we paid $60 for a private room, but they had dorm rooms for $16-25 a night.. which in the city is fantastic. The neighborhood at the north end of Malecon has been reonvated and is a really cute place to visit, climb the 444 stairs, and grab a drink while listening to live music. It’s called La Pena and also is the best place to take in the views and to feel a bit of Ecuador in a very metropolitan city.

We decided to go directly from the airport to the Young Living Clinic. Greeted with a smile and a laundry list of what we wanted to do, they rushed us in so we could start our IV’s.. of what you may be asking?? Of Thieves Essential Oils… yup directly into the stream. Most peopleGetting my blood analyzed in Ecuador know about topical applications of essential oils, but research shows they’ve been used orally to improve ones health for centuries – and they are all natural goodness so why wouldn’t your body want it anyway possible?  Thieves is an exclusive combination of cloves, rosemary and other aromatics. It was what thieves from the 15th century used to protect themselves while robbing plague victims. Young Living through extensive research has found it to be 99% effective against airborne bacteria and highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health. We hooked ourselves up (more…)

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Raw Foodie on the RoadSucking down a carrot/beet juice, Quito, Ecuador

Sucking down a carrot/beet juice, Quito, Ecuador

I absolutely love to travel, it’s not just a passion, it seems to be a part of me. Checking out new cultures, meeting new people, experiencing life all over the world is one of my favorite thing to do. It also poses challenges when you eat 80% raw.. and follow a plant based diet, cooked or not, the rest of the time. I’ve learned over the years that preparation is the only way to go. So when I planned to go to Ecuador with my friend, I made sure I made a bunch of raw crackers, kale chips, and spice covered nuts to take along. At least I can control the protein and flax seed intake.

Fresh fruit and veggies!

Fresh fruit and veggies!

Then the plan is to find a grocery store as soon as you land and buy organic cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini, celery, stuff that will last a couple days and doesn’t mind being shoved into a backpack.

It was hell of late when we arrived in Quito, so we had a beer and went to bed. The next morning though, it was time to feed the body the raw energy it needed. To our amazement, we found The Magic Bean in the Mariscal area of the city. It has tons of vegetarian options on the menu, is bright and cheery and had a juice bar!!! Most juice bars – even in the states – are filled with fruit juices, or powdered mixture where they add water. This was a real juice bar, that’s how they do it in Ecuador. They love (more…)

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